Lithuanian pre-diluvial culture hero. The story goes that when the Flood came he threw a nutshell into the waters in which two survivors managed to escape. Other versions are given in Lithuanian Creation Legends.

Who’s Who in non-classical mythology . . 2014.

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  • Lithuanian Creation Legends —    There are three variants of the Lithuanian Deluge myth, all connected with Pramzimas, the pre diluvial culture hero. The first is that he dropped a nutshell from the sky which turned into a ship, in which a man and woman survived the Flood.… …   Who’s Who in non-classical mythology

  • List of Lithuanian gods — The list of Lithuanian gods is reconstructed based on scarce written sources and late folklore. Lithuania converted to Christianity in 1387, but elements of the Lithuanian mythology survived into the 19th century. Earliest written sources,… …   Wikipedia

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